Simplify Your Life

Direct deposit is the most convenient and safe way to deposit your money!

All you need to get started is our routing and transit number and your account number.


Once you have that set up, contact us to set up payroll splits! You can designate where you want

your money to go automatically, make loan payments, savings, checking, or even club account deposits.


Routing and

Transit Number:


Account Number set up

for Checking Account:

1000_ _ _ _ _ _003_ 

Account Number set up

for Savings Account:

_ _ _ _ _ _000

*003 is the suffix of the checking account and 000 is the suffix of your savings account that you want your checks to go into.

Your suffix numbers could be different so please refer to your accounts and input the suffix you wish your checks to go into.

To set up for a checking account, you need the check digit off of your checks. If you do not have checks, contact us to get it set up.