By The Community, For The Community

At the beginning of every year, Aeroquip Credit Union votes on 4 quarterly charities to raise money for!

We participate in Jean Days, Bake Sales, Popcorn Sales and other various fundraisers to raise funds for them!


Our quarter one charity is the AWARE

AWARE, Inc. provides free, confidential supportive services, including temporary shelter. Our advocacy staff will work with you to explore options for rebuilding a stable foundation free from violence.



2024 Quarterly Charities:            2023 Quarterly Charities:

Q1: January - March                                                  Q1: January - March

            AWARE INC                                           Jackson Interfaith Shelter

     Amount Raised:  TBA                                                 Amount Raised: $400


Q2:  April - June                                                         Q2: April - June     

          Jackson Animal Shelter                                  Mental Healing Inc.         

             Amount Raised: TBA                                              Amount Raised: $672.93       


Q3: July - September                                                   Q3: July - September  

        The Dahlem Center                                          The Salvation Army     

       Amount Raised: TBA                                                Amount Raised: $502.64 


                 Q4: October - December                                              Q4: October - December               

       Jackson Autism Support Network                       Cascades Humane Soicty         

            Amount Raised: TBA                                                 Amount Raised: $ 552.61