Visa Debit and Credit Cards Fraud Prevention

We subscribe to fraud prevention services on our Visa credit and debit cards for our member’s protection. Please keep your contact information current at Aeroquip Credit Union. Make sure that we always have your current phone numbers, including: cell, work and home or a message number. This will be the method used when trying to contact you about suspicious activity on your accounts.

It is very important that you NEVER give anyone who is calling, your personal information, including: Your FULL social security number, card numbers or account numbers.
If a transaction is out of the ordinary, or looks like possible fraud (or if a particular merchant type has had a lot of fraud recently) our third party processors will attempt to contact you, on our behalf, to verify the charge authorization/authorizations. (Note: This does NOT stop or reverse the authorization.)

If a charge scores high enough as possible fraud then the card could be warm blocked until we are able to verify with you that the transactions were/were not authorized. If that happens the card will not work until you have returned the call to the fraud department or contacted us at our offices and we have re-activated the card.

If you receive a call, please return it to review your transactions as soon as possible. Please note that the fraud prevention service department will not have all of your information such as joint owners, parents etc. They will need to verify your identity and then will give you a list of transactions that they are trying to verify. These two companies do not request card number, CVV value or (full) social security numbers. They will not speak to anyone but that card holder, as they do not have any joint owner info.
Please review your statement frequently! If you notice a transaction that you did not authorize, contact the credit union immediately.

After hours lost stolen phone numbers:

  • Visa Credit Cards: 866-604-0381
  • Visa Debit Cards: 800-523-4175
  • Visa Out of the Country: 800-VISA911

If you have a transaction that needs to be disputed please click on the link below for a printable dispute form.

Visa Credit Dispute Form